Monday, November 26, 2007

I Finally Received My Swap

OK... I have only done a couple of swaps off of SCS, but this one took forever to get back! There were people dropping off left and right and then it took a long time to receive them once we had people pick up the empty spots. Anyway... I am not going to do one with that host again. I thought I would share the few that I did get back and see what you think.

This one was created by Elana Johnson. She used the sets Boatloads of Love, Loads of Love and Loads of Love Acess.

This one was created by SCS name Tinker 03. I do not recognize the set off the top of my head, but it is eye catching!

This one is from an unknown swap participant. It is simple but with a little coloring would be very cute!

The last of the received cards is this one from Fawn White. I have seen this set "It's Snow Time" used a few times now and I have become a BIG fan of it. Thank goodness my friend Sarah has it so I can borrow it :)


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