Sunday, August 10, 2008

50th Anniversary Gift

I didn't get a chance to post this weekend (until now) because we were in NY at a 50th Anniversary Party for my hubby's Great Aunt and Uncle. We had a good time and instead of a hotel we decided to camp a couple of nights. The girls had a lot of fun and I was more than ready to come home today. I sleep so much better in my own bed!

So as a gift to the happy couple I made them 75 Thank You cards which I put into a pretty decorative box. You should have seen the reaction of the people there... they were floored by them! The funny part is that they were extremely basic and were out together last minute. When I say last minute I mean last minute... like in the car during the 4 hour ride to New York! I cut all of the paper here before leaving, assembled all of the pieces in the car, and stamped all of the images in my in-laws trailer (they were staying at the same campground as us). All in all they took about 6 hours to make.


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