Sunday, August 2, 2009

Info on Wedding Invitations

I have had a few requests for info on the wedding invitations I made for a customer of mine. I had posted the front of it back in May but I would like to share a little more detail with you. First, let me say that I kick myself for not remembering to take pictures of the absolute final copy. So... I will share the original design and detail the changes I made.

The above picture is the outside of the invitation when it was closed. I originally made them approx. 4" x 5.5" but that was too small. The final copy was 6" tall and 5" wide. I bought big vanilla envelopes from They have great prices, quick shipping, and an excellent selection of colors and styles. The ribbon was not needed on the final copy b/c with the bigger size it would sit closed on it's own. This picture shows the vanilla and creamy caramel papers (from Stampin' UP!) but instead of that combo we ended up liking the vanilla and brushed gold instead. The gold really made it shine! We still embossed (in gold) the seashells on the left hand side but left the right hand side just gold. We were going for elegant, yet simple.

This picture is what the invitation looked like opened. The final still had the pocket on the right (it was made by adhering a 6" x 3" piece of vanilla to the base). The font was something I found for free on the web (really loved it!!). Changes made: no seashells on the bottom of the invitation writing and no shells on the left-hand side either. The left was just a gold piece of cardstock and the pocket had one large shell embossed on vanilla - no gold on that side.

The replay cards were printed in the same font as the main invitation on vanilla cards stock and glued to the gold paper. I found what the smallest size envelope the USPS will allow and used that for a size reference. Again, bought those online at Action Envelope. This was tucked into the pocket on the inside of the invitation with printed directions and the reply card envelope which had the return address printed on it (I used clear address labels and put them on that way... way easier than trying to get the envelope to go thru the printer correctly).

These are the envelopes. The mailing (bigger one) was embossed in gold with a seashell. We decided that the reply envelope didn't need to be. It took exactly one sheet of gold per invitation and I figured out what the best way to cut it would be s0 I didn't waste any.

I hope you liked the post and please let me know if you have any questions.


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