Monday, January 25, 2010

Every where I go I see hearts, pink balloons, flowers, I Love You signs... yup... Valentine's Day is on its way.  I need to embrace this holiday my husband refers to as "a holiday Hallmark created".  LOL  He is such a sucker for love, huh?

So I printed some digi stamps off the internet and colored a bit to make this cute birdie card.  I have searched and found hundreds of free digi images which are great for me to use with the kids at school.  It saves time and makes a lot less of a mess than ink and rubber.

Then, cleaning out my closet of crafting "stuff" I realized I never use the fake flowers I bought to put on card fronts and scrapbook pages.  So... I had a piece of Pixie Pink all cut for a front, added  few hearts, a sentiment, and attached the flowers/rhinestone with glue dots.


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