Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tutorial Requests

I have gotten a couple of email asking where the info on how to make the heart treat container can be found.  I made it at a workshop so I am not sure exactly where she found it but I was able to locate a tutorial here by Barb Mullikin.  We added a ribbon handle to give it the ability to be hung on a door or something like that.

The other question I had is where to fin a good tutorial on a spinner card (like the 3x3 heart card I showed you in yesterday's post).  The SCS site has some great tutorials.  I am looking for a good one to post and when I find one I will update this post to include the link (promise).

I am doing better at keeping this blog updated (and will continue to do so).  I like to mix it up with some jewelry, card, bags/boxes, and digital stuff so I hope you like the variation.  I am doing my best to tag the posts so you can quickly find what you are looking for.  I am also going to be linking to other sites to give you some great ideas, tutorials, videos and more.


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